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Creative Contracts: How Force Majeure Clauses Impact your $$$

If you are bound to a contract for service or performance that is scheduled to take place this season, or has been cancelled due to COVID-19, you should refer to your contract for a Force Majeure clause.

Creative Contracts: What is the Difference Between Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks?

Many creatives own intellectual property, but few understand what exactly it is that they own and therefore, don't fully understand how to maintain ownership, disseminate it, and/or protect it from others who may not have the creatives' best interest at heart. Here is a very basic breakdown about the different intellectual property categories and how they apply to one's work.

Creative Contracts: Breaking Down the Freelance Isn't Free Law (NY)

Are you frustrated by tracking down unpaid invoices? Would you rather be spending your time doing other things like creating? If so, this mini course is for you.

Creative Contracts: How to Set a Sustainable and Profitable Rate Part 1 of 2

In this mini course, I discuss how to calculate a rate that is profitable and SUSTAINABLE as a creative entrepreneur.

Creative Contracts: How to Set a Sustainable and Profitable Rate Part 2 of 2

This mini course is for any creative entrepreneurs who are unsure about how to value their services, or those who are not seeing profits from their project-based work.

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I offer courses on law for creative entrepreneurs as well as courses on sustainability + social responsibility!


Additional Facts

  • I was a performer for the Blue Man Group
  • I had a desert tortoise named Millie.
  • I was raised Buddhist in Dayton, Ohio.
  • I am the child of a formerly incarcerated parent.
  • I come from a long line of educators and artists.
  • I love the process of growth, no matter how painful it gets.

What steps did you take to get to where you are now?

I decided to go to boarding school when I was 12. I didn’t come from an affluent background where this was common. I just saw that some kids from the school at which my mom taught were able to go and I wanted to try it. After receiving a full-ride I found myself in a car with my then-divorced parents and my belongings on route from Dayton, Ohio to Newport, RI armed with nothing more than determination. In four years I went from culture shocked freshman to student body president my senior year.

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Currently Listening To

  • Nelson Bandela
  • Jon Bap
  • Zenizen
  • serpentwithfeet
  • lojii
  • Tyler the Creator
  • Suzi Analog
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  1. 2010
  2. 2011
    • Attended Fashion Law Institute symposium at Fordham University Law School Realized this would be my focus going forward
    • Awarded Miriam Rooney Memorial Fund grant for outstanding women students at Catholic University
    • study abroad in Rome, Italy with focus on environmental and human rights law.
    • Interned for a federal judge. Wrote a decision pertaining to Copyright law that became precedent.
    • Interned for Liz Robbins and Associates. Firm was hired to enact legislation that would provide anti-piracy protection for fashion designs.
    • Joined Fashion Law Week as a volunteer and soon became a board member.
  3. 2012
  4. 2013
    • Organized 3rd Annual Fashion Law Week
    • Graduated Law School
    • Moved to New York!
    • Began working as a Design Associate at Room and Board Furniture
  5. 2014
    • Passed NY Bar Exam
    • Began consulting for artists and entrepreneurs
    • Joined So:Harlem Creative Outlet a fashion-related non-profit) as legal counsel and community liaison.
    • Brief stint working as a farmhand
    • Launched a DIY music tour crowdfunding campaign for indie artist that was successfully funded.
  6. 2015
  7. 2016
    • Recognized as one of the Most Intriguing People of Las Vegas 2016 by Vegas Seven Magazine
    • Joined the boards of the Las Vegas Arts District and the Las Vegas Fashion Council.
    • Published “Whatever Happened to Fair Use?” in UK-based Right to Copy Magazine which examines the effect of YouTube’s software for policing copyright infringements and all but ignores the otherwise legal use of copyrighted material. (only available in physical copies)
    • Got married ❤️
    • Began presenting environmental sustainability workshops for fashion design students.
  8. 2017
    • Successfully obtained funding for public art project on behalf of Las Vegas Arts District Neighborhood Association
    • Joined The Fashion Law Group, P.C. as a contract attorney
    • Opened my own legal practice
    • Achieved successful settlement negotiation with a major art institution.
    • Negotiated art acquisition deal with the Whitney Museum.
    • Relocated to NYC.
  9. 2018
    • Promoted to Of Counsel position at The Fashion Law Group, P.C.
    • Became a mommy!
    • Co-founded Sustainable Brooklyn
  10. 2019


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